A Picture Of Happiness

I remember reading that “families with a dog tend to be happier families.”

While I have no clue where that came from, or just how many years ago I read it, I decided to accept it as a self-evident truth (smile.)

That’s certainly the case with our pup. It’s not that we were unhappy, it’s just that her little doggeyness adds happiness … usually. OK, it’s still a lot of work to take care of a pup. But she seems to know that and make up for it with lots of little positive contributions. Like buddying up with the sweeper, or jumping into the tub for a bath like it’s the best thing in the world, or setting her ball down on my lap with her spontaneous idea for a game of fetch – and, of course, the occasional perfect picture.

This one is a snap-shot from my phone with a ‘cartoon’ filter effect.

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