The Little Things

Dogs must have a whole section of their brainpower devoted to inventory control. With all the work of keeping everything in order, no wonder they sleep so deeply.

Think of the daily sniffs and checks around the property and the bottom of the closet. It is fun to see them react when you move some furniture to a new place, or forget to collect the garden bucket after hosing it down. “Hey, what’s that doing there? Should I bark? I need to go check this out!”

Well, it was fun to imagine what she was thinking the other day when she discovered the new cows in ‘her’ normally-empty meadow along one of our favorite walks. I don’t think this picture captures the full alert and curiosity well enough, but you can get the idea.

She just stood and watched for a while. Then glanced up at me like “What are they? And how did they get there?” A little woof began to brew so we talked about how a nice neighbor doesn’t stare and bark a lot. There are better ways to make friends.

Maybe on our next walk the cows will be closer to “her” fence and she can get to know them a little better. Alas, so many things to keep in order in her world.

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