How To Read the Bible For All It’s Worth

This terrific book has had many printings. So the cover of the one you find may look different ( I think the one pictured was printed in 1993 ). The content is very helpful for anyone who is interested to gain a better understanding of the Bible – and how to use the Bible devotionally in a walk of faith.

The authors address ways to approach and read well the various sections of the Bible, offering tips and suggestions about the reader’s approach. Sections such as;

  • Gospels – what are they? why do we have four of them?
  • Parables – looking for the point being made
  • Old Testament Prophets – understanding the covenant
  • Wisdom Literature

They give sensible and helpful instruction, with good examples, about getting the most out of our Bible reading and study.

The authors warn that we can make Bible reading and interpretation more difficult than it has to be by burying the plain meaning of the text and leaning toward the obscure. Most times the problem we have is not understanding the Bible, it is obeying it. For example see Luke 10:29.

The aim of good interpretation is not uniqueness; one is not trying to discover what no one else has ever seen before. … The aim of good interpretation is simple: to get at the “plain meaning of the text.”

p.13-14, How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth

These are not mysterious keys accessible only to ‘highly devoted’ or ‘spiritually enlightened’ people of the world. Rather they are useful to all of us. For example, everyone who has ever been misunderstood or misquoted can appreciate the importance of context in communication

I have read and referred to this book many times over the years, and I highly recommend it to you here. (Also look for my blog about a related resource titled “The Joy Of Discovery”)

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