First Swim

Have you ever done something and it went so well – and was so much fun – that you thought, “Right, I was made for this!” If so, then you know just how I felt on my first swim.

After meeting new friends and splashing around to test the water, Mommy threw my floating nubby rescue toy way out in the lake. I didn’t even hesitate. A little dash through the shallow part, a couple hops and then I decided to glide into my full paddle with tail rudder. It’s easy to scan the surface for my toy while I’m in full swim.

The rescue grab, spin & turn was as good as any olympic swimmer at the wall, and I was bringing home my rescue toy in no time. Mommy was so proud of me. She has the happiest smile in the world.

I hope we can go play in the lake again soon. Maybe next time I can help Mommy with the paddle board.

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