Book: Can Science Explain Everything?

published 1/1/2019
about $12 @

I am a fan of John Lennox. If you don’t know this Oxford Scholar, you might be really interested to learn about his life story.

He grew up in Ireland during a time of much sectarian violence. His family was targeted and attacked because of their decision to show kindness and love to everyone.

I like the grace and calmness that exudes from him. I think it is “faith, hope and love”.

I like this book very much. While some do not see a tension between science and faith, I have had many conversations with others who do. I believe this book would be of help to both circles.

I have heard him express appreciation for the way his parents raised him to think for himself. They encouraged him to go beyond the circle of people who think the way he does. That may not sound like a big thing, but it is. Developing friendships outside of our ‘world-view comfort zone’ is a terrific thing to do for our own thinking, and especially because it is a proper expression of the Gospel to regard all of our neighbors with love.

I could share this book with a friend and say, “John Lennox can explain this so much better than I can …” (smile) To me, his presentation is respectful as well as thoughtful. His illustrations go beyond cliche and invite the reader to think and reflect.

Here are his chapter titles:

1 – Can you be a scientist and believe in God?

2- How did we get here: from Newton to Hawking

3 – Mythbusters I: Religion depends on faith fun science doesn’t

4 – Mythbusters II: Science depends on reason but Christianity doesn’t

5 – Can we really take the Bible seriously?

6 – Miracles: a step too far?

7 – Can you trust what you read?

8 – How to disprove Christianity

9 – The personal dimension

10 – Entering the Laboratory: Testing the truth of Christianity

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