“Get to Work”

A few eats ago I got to visit on Mommy’s lap while she was moving papers and talking into that plastic toy with the black cord she wears on her head. I have to figure out how to get that one. It smells like her shampoo and I think it’s crunchy.

Mommy said I’m there to learn how to get to work, but she didn’t let me help with the papers.

At first I thought work is about wrangling old rug squares. I must be good at work because mommy said it was enough – she was smiling and cheering kind of loud, so I did great.

“Work is not play time,” she said. That’s fine with me because there are lots of new work toys. Most of them must be for later cuz mommy didn’t let me work with them yet.

Oh, and apparently it’s not proper to splash around in the water bowl when you’re at work.

Then there’s that little arrow jumping around the screen. I think that’s what makes mommy tired at work. I was not allowed to help her stop it – next time I’ll bark.

Oh well. I didn’t stay long so maybe work doesn’t take a lot of time. Apparently at the end of work people stand up and say, “OK, break-time is over.”

I came home and had a sleep. Work is tiring.

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